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Click here to view our slate of specialty services tailored to give you the best treat yourself experience.

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Click here to view our slate of specialty services tailored to give you the best treat yourself experience.

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For any additional questions please reach out at hello@503bloomhouse.com and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly! 

We hold a high standard of excellence for ourselves and everything on our sales floor in order to best serve our consignor and our customer. For this reason, we ask that all goods are brought in "Sales floor ready," which means clean and in excellence or good condition. 

7. Do I need to clean the items before bringing them in?

Not a problem! We work with and cater to clients from all places, and do so joyfully. All that's needed is a meeting with someone from our team to discuss the items you're interested in consigning, and we will handle everything from there (including pre-paid shipping labels).

If you're interested in consigning with us or simply learning more, we'd love to serve and work with you from wherever you are. Write us at consign@503bloomhouse.com and someone will reach out shortly!

6. What if I'm out of state?

Monthly! We pay consignors around the 15th of each month for the previous month's consignment payout. You will receive you own login to our easy-to-use app where you can see all of your inventory and receive notifications for sales and payouts. We pay via direct deposit, check, or +10% to shop in-store. 

5. How often will I be paid?

We are backed by the luxury authentication leader using an objective, scientifically-proven approach that protects buyers and sellers of frequently-counterfeited, high-value items. Through our in-house device, AI evaluates highly-magnified images against millions of records in an extensive industry database. Every item reviewed receives a certificate if authenticated. Should inauthentic goods be attempted to consign, 503 Bloomhouse reserves the right to discharge the item to safeguard the industry from counterfeit goods. More information on how we protect our store and customers can be read in our consignment contract.

4. How do you ensure authenticity?

While we do our best to accept the things we know will move to serve our consignor and our customer, 503 Bloom House may ask consignors to pick up their product after 90 days on the sales floor due to seasonal selling or improper fit for customer/time.

3. What if it doesn't sell?

Once you sell $12,500 worth of product with 503 Bloom House you remain at 60% tier regardless of price. Once you sell $25,000 worth of product, you remain at 70% tier regardless of price. 

2. What is your loyalty structure?

Our consignment structure is based upon the items value in our store, which is designed to ensure our consignors are best served when selling high ticketed items. Up to $3,000 you receive 50% of sale price, $3000-$9999 you receive 60%, and $10,000+ you will receive 70%. 

This does not account for our loyalty structure where, regardless of price, our consignors receive more the more they sell. See below! 

1. What is your consignment structure?

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